2012 publications

    2012 publications

    2012 publications

    In 2012 Institute staff, Tropical Leaders and their teams, Research Fellows with full time attachments to the Institute, and Visiting Scholars produced 9 books, 16 book chapters, 47 journal articles, 12 conference papers, 5 reports, and 3 theses.


    Aikhenvald, A. Y. (2012). The languages of the Amazon. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

    Asamoah, F. M. K., & Tsey, K. (2012). Botoku/Dzali: History, culture and governance. A learning resource for teachers, parents and students interested in African knowledge traditions. Kwabenya, Accra, Ghana: University Child and Youth Development Centre.

    Botterill, D., & Platenkamp, V. (2012). Key concepts in tourism research. London: Sage. [Botterill visiting scholar 2011]

    Earles, W., & Lynn, R. (2012). Third sector organisations and organising: Maps and short stories (Vol. XIV). Bremen, Germany: Europäischer Hochschulverlag.

    Henry, R. (2012). Performing place, practicing memories: Aboriginal Australians, hippies and the state. New York: Berghahn Books. [Henry Research Fellow in Residence]

    Herrmann, P. (2012). God, rights, law and a good society - Overcoming religion and moral as social policy approach in a Godless and amoral society. Amsterdam: EHV Academic Press. [Herrmann Visiting scholar 2010]

    Herrmann, P. (2012). Rights: Developing ownership by linking control over space and time. Amsterdam: EHV Academic Press. [Herrmann Visiting scholar 2010]

    Ponnuswami, I., & Francis, A. P. (2012). Professional social work education: Emerging perspectives. New Delhi: Authorspress. [Ponnuswamy visiting scholar 2012]

    Ponnuswami, I., & Francis, A. P. (2012). Professional social work: Research perspectives. New Delhi: Authorspress. [Ponnuswamy visiting scholar 2012]

    Book Chapters

    Aikhenvald, A. Y. (2012). 'Invisible' loans: How to borrow a bound form. In L. Johanson & M. Robbeets (Eds.), Copies versus cognates in bound morphology (Vol. 2, pp. 167-185). Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.

    Aikhenvald, A. Y. (2012). Language contact in language obsolescence. In C. Chamoreau & I. Léglise (Eds.), Dynamic of contact-induced language change (Vol. 2, pp. 77-109). Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter Mouton.

    Babacan, H., & Gopalkrishnan, N. (2012). Transnational love and marriage in the Australian-Indian diaspora. In A. K. Sahoo, M. Baas & T. Faist (Eds.), Indian diaspora and transnationalism (pp. 183-209). Jaipur, India: Rawat Publications.

    Cunneen, C. (2012). À propos de la condition des Aboriginès d’Australie [About the condition of the Aborigines of Australia]. In S. P. Dassonville (Ed.), Le statut des peuples autochones: A la croisée des savoirs (pp. 261-264). Paris, France: Karthala.

    Cunneen, C. (2012). The race to defraud: State crime and the immiseration of indigenous people. In E. Stanley & J. McCulloch (Eds.), State crime and resistance (pp. 99-113). London: Routledge.

    Cunneen, C. (2012). Restorative justice, globalization and the logic of empire. In J. McCulloch & S. Pickering (Eds.), Borders and crime: Pre-crime, mobility and serious harm in an age of globalization (pp. 147-162). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Dixon, R. M. W. (2012). Basic linguistic theory: Further grammatical topics (Vol. 3). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Kelsey, E., & Armstrong, C. (2012). Finding hope in a world of environmental catastrophe. (2012). In A. Wals & P. B. Corcoran (Eds.), Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change (pp. 187-200): Wageningen Academic Publishers. [Kelsey Visiting Scholar]

    Kjærsgaard, M., & Otto, T. (2012). Anthropological fieldwork and designing potentials. In W. Gunn & J. Donovan (Eds.), Design and anthropology (pp. 177-191). Surrey, UK: Ashgate.

    Mihas, E. (2012). Bodily-based conceptual metaphors in Asheninka Perene myths and folk stories. In A. Idstrom & E. Piirainen (Eds.), Endangered metaphors (pp. 145-159).Germany: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

    Post, M., & Doley, S. K. (2012). Classifiers in Mising. In G. Hyslop, S. Morey & M. W. Post (Eds.), North east Indian linguistics (Vo. 4, pp. 243-266). New Delhi, India: Cambridge University Press India.

    Stevenson, B., Mwaniki, F., & Zachariou, A. (2012). Education, environmentalBerkshire encyclopedia of sustainability: (Vol. 9: Afro-Eurasia: Assessing sustainability, pp. 113-117).

    Stevenson, B., Nicholls, J., & Whitehouse, H. (2012). Challenges for educators in building people’s capacity for mitigating and adapting to climate change. In A. J. Wals & P. B. Corcoran (Eds.), Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change (pp. 365-380). Wageningen, The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers.

    Travis, C. (2012). Discourse syntax. In J. Hualde, E. ORourke & A. Olarrea (Eds.), Handbook of Hispanic linguistics. Milton: John Wiley. [Visiting scholar 2010]

    Travis, C., & Curnow, T. J. (2012). Locational adverbs in Colombian Spanish conversation. In R. J. File-Muriel & R. Orozco (Eds.), Linguistic studies in Colombian varieties of Spanish. Madrid: Iberamericana. [Travis visiting scholar 2010]

    Van Oosterzee, P., Preece, N., & Dale, A. (2012). An Australian landscape-based approach: Afolu mitigation for smallholders. In E. Wollenberg, A. Nihart, M.-L. Tapio-Bistrom & M. Grieg-Gran (Eds.), Climate change mitigation and agriculture (pp. 193-202). Abingdon, Oxon: Earthscan.

    Journal Articles

    Adams, V. M., Pressey, R. L., & Stoeckl, N. (2012). Estimating land and conservation management costs: The first step in designing a stewardship program for the northern territory. Biological Conservation, 148, 44-53. doi: 10.1016/j.biocon.2012.01.064

    Aikhenvald, A. (2012). The essence of mirativity. Linguistic Typology, 16, 435-485. doi: 10.1515/lingty-2012-0017

    Aikhenvald, A. Y. (2012). Book review of "Linguistic realization of evidentiality in European languages" Edited by Gabriele Diewald and Elena Smirnova, De Gruyter Mouton, Berlin, Germany: New York, USA. Studies in Language, 36, 431-439.

    Aikhenvald, A. Y. (2012). Round women and long men: Shape, size, and the meanings of gender in New Guinea and beyond. Anthropological Linguistics, 54, 33-86. doi: 10.1353/anl.2012.0005

    Allison, F., Cunneen, C., Loban, H., Luke, G., & Munro, K. (2012). Sentencing and punishment in the Indigenous Justices of the Peace courts. Australian Indigenous Law Review, 16, 15-36.

    Altai, Z., Stoeckl, N., & King, D. (2012). Impacts of water demand side policies on Mongolian residential users. Water Practice & Technology, 7, 1-10.

    Babacan, H. (2012). Racism denial in Australia: The power of silence. Australian Mosaic, 32, 1-2.

    Biggs, D., Hall, C. M., & Stoeckl, N. (2012). The resilience of formal and informal tourism enterprises to disasters: Reef tourism in Phuket, Thailand. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 20, 645-665. doi: 10.1080/09669582.2011.630080

    Boon, H. J., Cottrell, A., King, D., Stevenson, R. B., & Millar, J. (2012). Bronfenbrenner's bioecological theory for modelling community resilience to natural disasters. Natural Hazards, 60, 381-408. doi: 10.1007/s11069-011-0021-4

    Boon, H. J., Pagliano, P., Brown, L., & Tsey, K. (2012). An assessment of policies guiding school emergency disaster management for students with disabilities in Australia. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 9, 17-26. doi: 10.1111/j.1741-1130.2012.00331.x

    Cave, J., Johnston, L., Morrison C-A., & Underhill-Sem, Y. (2012). Community-university collaborations: Creating hybrid research and collective identities. Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online, 7(1), 37-50. doi: 10.1080/1177083X.2012.672433 [Cave visiting scholar 2011]

    de Vries, L. (2012). Speaking of clans: language in Awyu-Ndumut communities of Indonesian West Papua. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 2012(214), 5-26. doi: 10.1515/ijsl-2012-0018 [Visiting scholar 2010]

    Doyle, T., & Prout, S. (2012). Indigenous student mobility, performance and achievement: Issues of positioning and traceability. International Journal of Educational Research, 54, 41-49. doi: 10.1016/j.ijer.2011.12.002 [Prout visiting scholar 2011]

    Earles, W., & Baulderstone, J. (2012). What happens when a non-profit organisation contracts the state as a service-provider to the community? Third Sector Review, 18, 99-116.

    Evans, N., Whitehouse, H., & Gooch, M. (2012). Barriers, successes and enabling practices of education for sustainability in far north Queensland schools: A case study. Journal of Environmental Education, 43, 121-138. doi: 10.1080/00958964.2011.621995

    Everingham, Y. L., Stoeckl, N. E., Cusack, J., & Osborne, J. A. (2012). Quantifying the benefits of a long-lead ENSO prediction model to enhance harvest management: A case study for the Herbert sugarcane growing region, Australia. International Journal of Climatology, 32, 1069-1076. doi: 10.1002/joc.2333

    Hayes-Jonkers, C. S., Pointing, S., & Clough, A. R. (2012). Comparison of strategic and operational good practice for private security personnel in the night-time economy and the Cairns city model. Security Journal, 25, 326-341. doi: 10.1057/sj.2011.24

    Jacups, S., Warchot, A., & Whelan, P. (2012). Anthropogenic ecological change and impacts on mosquito breeding and control strategies in salt-marshes, Northern Territory, Australia. EcoHealth, 9, 183-194. doi: 10.1007/s10393-012-0759-5

    Jacups, S., & Whelan, P. (2012). A comparison of adult mosquito trapping regimes across seasons and ecosystems in Darwin, Australia. Journal of Vector Ecology, 37, 284-288. doi: 10.1111/j.1948-7134.2012.00229.x

    Januchowski, S., Moon, K., Stoeckl, N., & Gray, S. (2012). Social factors and private benefits influence landholders’ riverine restoration priorities in tropical AustraliaJournal of Environmental Management, 110, 20-26. doi: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2012.05.011

    Laliberté, A., Haswell-Elkins, M., & Tsey, K. (2012). Promoting the health of Aboriginal Australians through empowerment: Eliciting the components of the family well-being empowerment and leadership programme. Global Health Promotion, 19, 29-40. doi: 10.1177/1757975912464247

    Liley, W., Stephens, A., Kaltner, M., Larkins, S., Franklin, R. C., Tsey, K., et al. (2012). Infant abusive head trauma: Incidence, outcomes and awareness. Australian Family Physician, 41, 823-826.

    McCalman, J., Tsey, K., Clifford, A., Earles, W., Shakeshaft, A., & Bainbridge, R. (2012). Applying what works: A systematic search of the transfer and implementation of promising indigenous Australian health services and programs. BMC Public Health, 12, 600. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-12-600

    McCalman, J., Tsey, K., Kitau, R., & McGinty, S. (2012). "Bringing us back to our origin": Adapting and transferring an indigenous Australian values-based leadership capacity-building course for community development in Papua New Guinea.Community Development, 43, 393-408. doi: 10.1080/15575330.2011.593266

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    Mihas, E. I. (2012). Ideophones in alto perené (Arawak) from eastern Peru. Studies in Language, 36, 300-344.

    O'Mara, B., Gill, G. K., Babacan, H., & Donahoo, D. (2012). Digital technology, diabetes and culturally and linguistically diverse communities: A case study with elderly women from the Vietnamese community. Health Education Journal, 71, 491-504. doi: 10.1177/0017896911407054

    Pointing, E. S., Hayes-Jonkers, C. S., & Clough, A. R. (2012). The Cairns model: Evaluating the context of an open-space, closed circuit television system in an urban centre in tropical Australia. Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 2012, 104-121. doi: 10.1057/cpcs.2011.19

    Pointing, S., Hayes-Jonkers, C., Bohanna, I., & Clough, A. (2012). The role of an open-space CCTV system in limiting alcohol-related assault injuries in a late-night entertainment precinct in a tropical Queensland city, Australia. Injury Prevention, 18, 58-61. doi: 10.1136/injuryprev-2011-040080

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    Conference Publications & Presentations

    Allen, M. (2012). ‘Cool’ Asia-really? Cultural relativism and the cool/uncool divide in studying Asia. In E. Kolesova & S. Wilson (Eds.), Cool new Asia: Asian popular culture in a global context (1-14). Auckland: Unitec ePress. [Allen Adjunct]

    Allison, F., Cunneen, C., & Schwartz, M. (2012). The civil and family law needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia: The indigenous legal needs project. Paper presented at the 2012 National Community Legal Centres Conference, Adelaide, South Australia.

    Baldry, E., & Cunneen, C. (2012). Contemporary penality in the shadow of colonial patriarchy. Paper presented at the 5th Annual Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference 2011, Cairns, QLD, Australia.

    Brown, D., & Cunneen, C. (2012). Global convictism and colonialism in the history of penality. Paper presented at the Thinking about Context: Challenges for Crime and Justice, American Society of Criminology 68th Annual Conference, Chicago.

    Cunneen, C. (2012). Changing narratives: Colonised peoples and the problem of criminology. Paper presented at the Thinking about Context: Challenges for Crime and Justice, American Society of Criminology 68th Annual Conference, Chicago.

    Field, E. (2012, October). Strategic environmental action projects. Online presentation for teachers in Environmental Stewardship Course through Taking IT Global. [PhD student]

    Field, E. (2012, May). Voices of hope: Young people and the internet. Panel paper presented at the Young People, ICT & ESD at UNESCO's Reorienting Teacher Education to Address Sustainability: 7th Biennial Meeting of the International Network of Teacher Education Institutions, Toronto, Canada. [PhD student]

    Liley, W., & Stephens, A. (2012). Scoping the purple program for rural and remote settings in Australia. Paper presented at the Twelfth International Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma, Boston/Cambridge.

    Lundberg, A., Stasiewicz-Bieńkowska, A., & Enhörning Singhateh, A. (2012). Border crossing networks: Virtual reality. In Proceedings of international conference: Innovative research in a changing and challenging world (A) (pp. 1-15), 16-18 May 2012, Phuket, Thailand.

    Murphy, L., Moscardo, G., McGehee, N., & Konovalov, E. (2012). Blurred boundaries: The implications of new tourism mobilities for destination community well-being. Paper presented at the BEST Education Network Think Tank XII: mobilities and sustainable tourism, Gréoux-les-Bain, France.

    Pointing, S. B. (2012). An evaluation framework for the role of CCTV in preventing alcohol-related violence. Paper presented at the 11th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, Wellington, New Zealand.

    Stephens, A. (2012). Generating inhabit-ability: Five principles for policy and project management practice. Paper presented at the EcoSummit 2012. 4th International Ecosummit: Ecological Sustainability. Restoring the planet's ecosystem services, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

    Vella, K., Dale, A., Cottrell, A., & Gooch, M. (2012). Assessing community resilience to climate change. Paper presented at the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, QLD, Australia.


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    Tsey, K., McCalman, J., Bainbridge, R., & Brown, C. (2012). Improving indigenous community governance through strengthening indigenous and government organisational capacity. Resource sheet 10 for the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare and the Australian Institute for Family Studies.


    Delisle, A. (2012). A socio-economic investigation of the Torres Strait indigenous dugong and turtle fisheries. (PhD), James Cook University, Townsville.

    McCalman, J. (2012). A grounded theory of program transfer: How an Aboriginal empowerment initiative became "bigger than a program" (Doctoral dissertation). James Cook University, Cairns.

    Pan, C.-J. (2012). A grammar of Lha'alua, an Austronesian language of Taiwan. (PhD), James Cook University, Cairns.  


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