Impact & Engagement Seminars

    Escalating requirements to demonstrate the social and economic value of research raise ethical, epistemological and methodological questions. How do we demonstrate value? What is (of) value? From whose perspective? And to whom? Can pathways to impact be mapped? What is the future for basic and curiosity-driven research? For research that champions minority standpoints? Or for research that is critical of government and elites?

    The Cairns Institute Impact and Engagement Seminars offer participants an opportunity to present their research and discuss impact and engagement in a supportive, collegial environment. Each week, one researcher or team will present their work as a case study of research practice and reflect on how they are approaching impact and engagement – whether this be through research design, communication strategy, stakeholder participation, capitalizing on unexpected outcomes, or other means.

    Presenters are encouraged to discuss how they are responding to requirements imposed by funding and regulatory bodies (for example, to define outcomes and articulate program logics) but also who and how they are engaging to articulate research aims. No one approach is relevant across all research contexts so we encourage a diversity of perspectives and will ensure ample time is dedicated to dialogue.

    Thursdays | Cairns D3.054 | Townsville 17-101 | Email for zoom link

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