Research Projects

    The following is a list of some of our current projects at the Institute. This list is not exhaustive—see our research reports and annual research publications pages for more of our outputs and analysis.

    Creativity & Innovation Projects

    Our goal is to contribute to more sustainable communities in the tropics through creative, innovative and culturally appropriate approaches to social resilience, planning, management and design.


    Cultural & Linguistic Transformations Project

    Language & culture projects

    Our goal is to support cultural expression, creativity, identity and the preservation and documentation of tropical cultural and linguistic heritage.

    Indigenous Futures Projects

    Our goal is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander empowerment and prosperity across health, education, employment, housing, law, justice, language and culture.

    ATSI projects

    Social & Environmental Justice Projects

    Our goal is to assist communities to respond to social and environmental change and increase social inclusion through projects committed to social justice, health and wellbeing.

    Wellbeing projects


    Sustainable Development Projects
    Sustainable projects

    Our goal is to promote sustainable development in Northern Australia and the global tropics through long-term partnerships with communities, institutions and governments throughout the tropics.


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