UPNG-JCU Twinning Partnership

    Academic, research and teaching ties between James Cook University in Australia and the University of Papua New Guinea are continuing to grow from strength to strength.

    The UPNG-JCU Twinning Partnership is a product of the University of Papua New Guinea and James Cook University’s desire to work together to expand cooperation and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise in areas of mutual interest. The partnership is supported by the Australian Government and managed by Palladium’s Education Capacity Development Facility.

    Since its inception in 2015, JCU and UPNG have been delivering programs and activities in cooperation with each other that are assisting UPNG improve its teaching and learning capability whilst expanding JCU's teaching, research and learning base in PNG.

    Through the project, JCU and UPNG have established a closer relationship between academic, professional and technical staff. These relationships have continued to be of benefit to both institutions and countries in terms of ongoing collaboration and attracting research and other funding to sustain momentum in the goals of the partnership.


    The Twinning Partnership supports UPNG’s mission to deliver excellent education and research results for nation building and global advancement towards an innovative and empowered society, and JCU’s commitment to creating a brighter future for life in the tropics world-wide through graduates and discoveries that make a difference.

    To date, more than 70 staff members from across UPNG and JCU have participated in Partnership activities. There is clear evidence of excitement about the Partnership’s potential, and signs that most of those who have participated in training are enthused and already implementing changes to their teaching and research. The success of this project has provided a solid foundation for partners to continue to collaborate to strengthen teaching, learning and research outcomes in PNG and the broader Asia Pacific Region.

    Oversight of the Partnership is provided by a Joint Steering Committee comprising:

    Distinguished Professor Stewart Lockie
    Professor Paul Fleming
    Professor Betty Lovai
    Professor Maxine Whittaker
    Professor Nakapi Tefuarani
    Professor Lekshmi Pillai
    Professor Andrew Krockenberger
    Professor Mange Matui
    Professor Maree Dinan-Thompson
    Professor Chalapan Kaluwin
    Dr Anna Joskin
    Australian High Commission Representative
    Education Capacity Development Facility Representative

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    Research . Innovation . Society
    Co-hosted by the University of Papua New Guinea and James Cook University
    3-4 December 2019, Port Moresby

    Continuing the success of PNG IMPACT 2017, PNG IMPACT 2019 will:

    • Promote dialogue over how research and research policy can best support aspirations for a prosperous, safe, inclusive and sustainable society.
    • Showcase a cross-selection of active research projects, across the sciences, social sciences and humanities, delivering significant societal benefit for PNG.
    • Provide a platform for network-building among researchers, research institutions and research stakeholders active in PNG.

    PNG IMPACT is for anyone with an interest in the role of research in societal transformation.
    This includes, but it not limited to: policy-makers, donors, philanthropic organisations, business, research leaders, researchers, students, civil society representatives and community members.

    Communities of Practice



    Enquiries about the Twinning Partnership may be directed to:
    The Project Manager, Dr Jennifer Gabriel at The Cairns Institute on +61 7 4232 1875 or email jennifer.gabriel@jcu.edu.au.

    Enquiries about the PNG Impact Conference may be directed to:
    The Project Officer, Ms Vyvyen Wong on +61 7 4232 1340 or email vyvyen.wong@jcu.edu.au


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