Research. Innovation. Society.
    Co-hosted by the University of Papua New Guinea and James Cook University
    3-4 December 2019, Port Moresby

    Continuing the success of PNG IMPACT 2017, PNG IMPACT 2019 will:

    • Promote dialogue over how research and research policy can best support aspirations for a prosperous, safe, inclusive and sustainable society.
    • Showcase a cross-selection of active research projects, across the sciences, social sciences and humanities, delivering significant societal benefit for PNG.
    • Provide a platform for network-building among researchers, research institutions and research stakeholders active in PNG.

    PNG IMPACT is for anyone with an interest in the role of research in societal transformation.
    This includes, but it not limited to: policy-makers, donors, philanthropic organisations, business, research leaders, researchers, students, civil society representatives and community members.

    Although PNG IMPACT is free to attend, we do require you to register. 

    Register to attend here.


    Submit an abstract and register here.

    Please note, your abstract submission will be considered as your registration to attend PNG IMPACT. 


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