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    As an institute of advanced studies in the humanities and social sciences The Cairns Institute plays a major role in research training. The Institute is involved in the recruitment, supervision, networking and mentoring of research students enrolled in Masters and Doctoral programs at JCU and partner universities.

    A number of research students are physically located in The Cairns Institute Building D3 in order to work more closely with supervisors housed in the building. These, and other, research students benefit from the seminar series and other activities run by the Institute.

    The Institute warmly welcomes inquiries from people interested in undertaking higher degrees by research on topics aligned with our strategic intent and research themes.

    Details on application procedures and scholarship opportunities are available from JCU’s Graduate Research School.


    The Cairns Institute Cyber Security Foundations Training | 14 May 2024

    As part of the Cyber Security Foundations Training, JCU Cyber security awareness and training specialist, Bianca Velder, will cover a range of essential topics designed to equip Researchers, with the knowledge and skills necessary to safeguard sensitive data, mitigate risks, and protect against cyber threats.

    Relevance to staff involved in Research

    We'll highlight the threat of social engineering during the training. These tactics are growing more sophisticated and pose a substantial risk to individuals and organisations. Many institutional cyber-attacks involve social engineering and phishing, manipulating people into revealing confidential information or compromising security. Researchers, with access to valuable intellectual property and sensitive data, are especially vulnerable due to their publicly available contact information.

    At JCU, there has been an increase in social engineering attacks on areas that are involved in research, and this is also a trend in other Australian Universities. Social engineering is more than scam emails and texts, and attacks may employ very specific communications messages using profile data from different sources that have been combined and commoditised by the Social Engineers.

    We highly encourage participation in this training to enhance cybersecurity awareness and strengthen the University’s defences against evolving threats.


    The session will cover the threat landscape, particularly for HE and foundation Cyber Security Themes that are all centred on shared responsibilities:

    • Password hygiene and multifactor authentication
    • Social engineering and phishing
    • Device and application updates and safe travelling
    • Data handling, data/IP protection and prevention of data breaches
    • Safe online behaviours and a protected digital footprint

    Session Information

    When: Tuesday, 14 May, 12 pm – 1.30 pm

    Where: online via Teams

    Contact Aliyah Ravat to register for the session.


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