Adani aside, North Queensland voters care about crime and cost of living. Stewart Lockie & Maxine Newlands, November 2017 [Newlands Cairns Institute Fellow]

    Grandparents must be included in decisions about children in out-of-home care. Susan Gair, October 2017 [Cairns Institute Fellow]

    Science fiction helps us deal with science fact: a lesson from Terminator’s killer robots. Ben Menadue, August 2017 [PhD student]

    How regions can persuade fly-in fly-out workers to live locally. Riccardo Welters & Christopher Nicholas, February 2017 [Welters Cairns Institute Fellow & Theme Leader]

     Brutalism, a campus love story – or how I learned to love concrete. Eduardo de la Fuente, February 2017 [Cairns Institute Fellow]

    Why give the Green Army its marching orders? Stewart Lockie, December 2016

    Is a royal commission the best response to the NT juvenile justice crisis? Melanie Schwartz & Chris Cunneen, July 2016 [Cunneen Cairns Institute Fellow]

    Election 2016: how well are the major parties meeting the needs of rural and regional Australia? Stewart Lockie, June 2016

    Election 2016: the issues in non-metropolitan Australia Stewart Lockie, June 2016

    For the sake of the children, cops must not be bystanders in Cape York fights. Ernest Hunter [Adjunct], May 2016

    Implications of an expanding and intensifying tropical zone for the sustainable development agenda. Mark Ziembicki & Stewart Lockie, 2016. 

    Time for the “green tape” debate to mature: jobs and the environment are not implacable foes. Allan Dale, August 2015

    Time for the ‘green tape’ debate to mature: jobs and the environment are not implacable foes. Allan Dale, August 2015 

    North Queensland’s powerful trio will shake up the state. Allan Dale, May 2015 

    Vanuatu and Cyclone Pam: An update on fiscal, economic and development impacts. Matthew Dornan & Tess Newton Cain, 2015 

    Jobs versus the environment: The debate Queensland can end. Allan Dale, February 2015

    Australian uranium deal could make Indian nuclear power safer. Catherine Mei Ling Wong, September 2014 

    Cassowaries and chaplains: How to avoid Canberra’s conservation overreach. Allan Dale, August 2014 

    To boldly go… mobilising the social sciences for transformational environmental change. Stewart Lockie, April 2014

    Old Macdonald sold the farm: So what’s the future for agriculture? Jim Turnour, February 2014 

    Indigenous health programs require more than just good ideas. Janya McCalman, January 2014 

    Why indigenous Australians need a properly funded NDIS. Anne Stephens & India Bohanna, December 2013

    How fear and funding undercut a fair go for Indigenous Victorians. Chris Cunneen, November 2013 

    The battle for Cape York: Whose vision will win out? Allan Dale, October 2013 

    We need a smarter debate on developing northern Australia. Andrew Campbell & Jim Turnour, August 2013 

    Northern Australia should have a say in its own future. Allan Dale, August 2013 


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