Sustainable Development

    Sustainable Development

    Our goal is to promote sustainable development in Northern Australia and the global tropics through long-term partnerships with communities, institutions and governments throughout the tropics.

    The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development emphasizes the fundamental indivisibility of social, environmental and economic development goals. As home to half the world’s population and 80% of our planet’s biodiversity, the tropics hold enormous economic potential. Climate change, deforestation, resource degradation and loss of plant and wildlife species, however, raise significant challenges for governance, livelihoods and conservation. Diversification, innovation and improved capacity for sustaining livelihoods are essential to achieve beneficial economic development outcomes for the tropics.

    Our research focus

    • Governance and diplomacy in natural resource management, science, sustainability and community development
    • Improved livelihoods in the Asia Pacific
    • Food security
    • Climate change adaptation and individual and community resilience
    • Community responses to emergencies and disasters
    • Women’s development and leadership in Asia Pacific
    • Sustainable environmental and infrastructure development in the Asia-Pacific
    • Human impacts on landscapes, including sustainable agriculture, water, energy and waste management




    Direct Contact

    Associate Professor Riccardo Welters

    College of Business, Law & Governance

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