'Moving to Tassie'

    Exploring and explaining the recent escape to Tasmania by mainlanders

    Start 07 December 2020, 5:30pm
    End 07 December 2020, 7:00pm

    Exploring and explaining the recent escape to Tasmania by mainlanders

    In recent times we have seen a rise in internal migration to Tasmania and for the first time in many years the state has experienced net positive growth in population. In 2019, researchers Nick Osbaldiston, Lisa Denny and Felicity Picken sought out to understand more about who these people were, what their motivations to come to Tasmania were and continue to be, and how living in Tasmania has been for them so far. Using survey research along with in-depth interviews with over 40 people, this research has shown a number of key issues that deserve attention.

    Firstly, it is clear that climate is now starting to play a role in how we live and where we want to live. It is clear from our research that people desire for the Tasmanian climate. Secondly, it is also clear that migrants are seeking out for a better way of life which includes a slower pace that they feel Tasmania offers. Thirdly, and of equal importance, the environment of Tasmania including it’s beautiful landscapes are a major drawcard for those coming in.

    Join researcher Nick Osbaldiston for a public webinar exploring these results and other matters. Time will be available for Q & A and all members of the public are invited.

    Monday 7th December 2020 | 6.30 AEDT | 5.30pm QLD EST

    Join us on Zoom https://jcu.zoom.us/j/84495358736

    For further details, please email nick.osbaldiston@jcu.edu.au

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