Living with cataclysmic events: Volcanic activity in Vanuatu with particular focus on Kuwae

    CABAH/TARL Seminar Series

    Start 13 October 2023, 1:00pm
    End 13 October 2023, 2:00pm

    Presenter: A/Prof Stuart Bedford

    The archipelago of Vanuatu located in the southwest Pacific lies directly on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” a zone of intense seismic and volcanic activity. There are currently nine active volcanoes throughout the archipelago and many others have been active over the last 3000 years of human settlement. Despite these challenges people have survived and thrived amongst the sometimes cataclysmic activity. One of the most destructive volcanic eruptions of the region is thought to be Kuwae, a large island that split following a massive series of eruptions in c. 1452 AD. Some researchers have suggested it influenced the global climate and led to socio-political change, yet limited detailed research has been carried out at or near the source. Here the results of multi-disciplinary research undertaken on the remnant and neighbouring islands are a focus. They suggest the impacts within a 30km radius were mostly lethal with some exceptions.     

    Associate Professor Stuart Bedford1,2, Associate Professor Chris Ballard1, Dr Aymeric Hermann3, Professor Shane Cronin4, Sonke Stern4, Robert Henderson1, Edson Willie5 and Iarawai Phillip5. 

    1The Australian National University, 2Max Planck Institute, 3CNRS, 4University of Auckland, 5Vanuatu Cultural Centre. 

    Friday 13 October 2023 (1-2pm AEST) | Townsville 134-105, Cairns D3-003

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