Impact through research in education and studies in human society

    TCI Seminar Series

    Start 06 October 2022, 12:00pm
    End 06 October 2022, 1:00pm


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    TCI Seminar Series

    Impact through research in education and studies in human society: A systematic scoping review of Australian Research Council ‘high-for-impact’ case studies
    Presented by Grace Jefferson, Rosita Henry, Rhian Morgan, Louisa Tomas Engel & Ines Zuchowski.

    Thursday 06 October 2022 | 12.00pm | Cairns Institute D3-063 (pw 113269)

    Research impact is an important measure of the effective transmission and ongoing contribution of research, beyond the scope of the initial research publication. Measuring impact, and quantifying what constitutes high-for-impact research, can be difficult for specific fields of study. The Australian Research Council (ARC) assesses research impact for submitted case studies based on benefit to end-users, the economy, society and culture. This scoping review of the ARC Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018, reviews the submitted high-for-impact case studies in the fields of Education and Studies in Human Society to analyse the cited evidence of research engagement and impact. The review aimed to identify trends in the characteristics and types of “evidence of impact” cited in the high-for-impact case studies in both fields of study, to improve research impact literacy in researchers, and to highlight the additional outputs researchers may wish to pursue to broaden the reach and impact of their existing research publications.  

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