Expressions of Interest to run workshops

    The Social Science Community for the Great Barrier Reef invites Expression of Interest for workshops for the 2023 symposium: Reef values: ecologies, communities and connections. This symposium will bring together a community of researchers, practitioners and policymakers to explore the diverse values, ecologies, and communities of the Reef. It provides a platform for participants to share knowledge, research findings, cutting edge methodologies and engage in critical and creative thinking about the social dimensions of Reef conservation, management, and sustainable development. 

    The Great Barrier Reef is a natural system of profound social, cultural, economic and ecological importance for both the Australian and International community. The relationships between people and the Reef are complex and diverse, sometimes resulting in competing and contested values. As communities grow and human interests multiply, maintaining and cultivating the values of the Reef becomes more challenging. This is particularly the case as the planet warms. 


    1. Time

    Workshops can be from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours in length 

    2. Theme

    Topics related to the symposium theme and of relevance to diverse members of the Social Science Community to the Reef 

    3. Scope of focus: 

    Workshops can be on specific technical aspects with practical learning components and limited numbers of attendees.

    Example 1: In 2022 specialists from the Department of Environment and Science ran a workshop on their whole-of-system values-based framework limited to 25 attendees with all attendees bringing their own laptops for a practical workshop on how to use the framework. 

    OR Workshops on broad themes of interest.  

    Example 2: In 2022 the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreements team facilitated an open workshop on working with Traditional Owners of the Great barrier Reef. 

    4. Format: 

    Format is open to the workshop facilitators but must include interactive and practical components. 

    5. Number of attendees: 

    Range for this is open. Will be subject to room/space constraints. 


    Expressions of interest for workshops comprise a two-phase process:

    1. Written submission, then if accepted

    2. Discussion with workshop sub-committee.

    Please be aware that only a limited number of workshops will be able to be offered for practical reasons. The Symposium organising committee reserve the right to make a final decision on which workshops will be run. 


    1. Relevance to Symposium topic 
    2. Relevance to Social Science Community for the Reef 
    3. Relevance to Reef community, group, or organisation (e.g. a particular industry; NRM or management organisation/managers; a region/catchment; etc)
    4. Practical considerations of time and space 


    Please submit your expression of interest with a 300-word abstract and further information against the following criteria listed below


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