Cultural Transformations

    Cultural Transformations

    Our goal is to support cultural expression, creativity, identity and the preservation and documentation of tropical cultural and linguistic heritage.

    The way people relate to social change is partly informed by their concepts of time and historicity. People may use different experiences of time, rituals, and constructions of the past, to project a vision of the future and their role in it. Better understanding of these connections and the role of human agency in history will help assess the processes and impacts of planned social and cultural change.

    Language is the unique resource of humankind. It enables people to live together, communicates laws, knowledge and legacies across generations and is the unique vehicle for the aesthetic expression of non-material culture such as legends, ceremonies and songs. The remarkable linguistic diversity of tropical societies is in danger and under protection from the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Program. The documentation and maintenance of linguistic and cultural diversity is a necessary component of people’s identity, sustainability and well-being.

    Research focus

    • The investigation of languages and the correlation between languages, environment and cultures working towards understanding the mechanisms of human communication and cognition
    • Documentation and maintenance of endangered languages and cultures focusing on language preservation and language change
    • The investigation of the diverse histories and cultural traditions, imaginations of the future, and the processes of agency and change for people and societies in the tropics
    • Cultural heritage, community involvement, and archaeology, anthropology and museum studies
    • Cultural heritage and biodiversity conservation
    • Theoretical and applied perspectives on immigration, cultural diversity, multiculturalism and national identity




    Direct Contact

    Professor Sean Ulm

    Professor Promotional Chair, College of Arts, Society & Education

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