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    Around half of the world’s population—some three billion peopleand 80 per cent of the planet’s animal and plant species live in the tropics. From economic and educational deprivation to disease, loss of culture and the impacts of climate change, the social, economic and environmental challenges facing the tropical zones of northern Australia and the world are immense.

    The Cairns Institute’s location in tropical North Queensland and close proximity to neighbouring countries in the Pacific and Southeast Asia places it at the epicentre of economic, environmental and cultural change. In this most dynamic of regions, the Institute is committed to understanding and informing the critical processes of transformation that will shape communities’ and environments’ future wellbeing.

    Bringing together the expertise and intellectual resources of more than 20 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, The Cairns Institute is a uniquely robust and vibrant hub of research, capacity building and public debate in the tropics, for the tropics.

    The Cairns Institute welcomes national and international scholars, policy specialists, consultants and trainees, providing facilities and infrastructure for excellence and innovation.

    The Institute offers:

    • Pure and applied research
    • Consulting and contract research
    • Research training
    • Professional development
    • Conferences and seminars
    • Education and scholarship

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