Social & Environmental Justice

    Social & Environmental Justice

    Our goal is to assist communities to respond to social and environmental change and increase social inclusion through projects committed to social justice, health and wellbeing.

    The United Nations sets out a human rights framework for what constitutes a ‘just’ society. The key elements are social, economic and cultural rights. These include the right to: an adequate standard of living; education; work; equal pay for equal work; housing; health; freedom from torture; access to a fair legal system; and the right of minorities to enjoy their own culture, religion and language. The tropical world faces significant issues in relation to human development and quality of life. The wellbeing of individuals and communities is affected by social, ecological, economic, institutional and cultural domains and involves access to resources, information, relationships and power.

    Research focus

    • Human rights
    • Juvenile justice, policing and corrections
    • Justice reinvestment
    • Systemic issues in child protection
    • Poverty, economic disadvantage and homelessness
    • Racism
    • Social inclusion/exclusion
    • Social determinants of health and wellbeing
    • Improved capacity of health systems and health professionals (workforce)
    • Equity and social justice in teaching and teacher education




    Direct Contact

    Dr Theresa Petray

    Senior Lecturer, College of Arts, Society & Education

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