A place-based agriculture development framework

    A place-based agriculture development framework

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    A place-based agriculture development framework

    This project develops a theoretical framework that enables consideration of agriculture’s broader contributions to place-based regional development. The Place-based Agriculture Development Framework (PADF) developed by the project combines and integrates:

    - agriculture’s traditional contributions through food and fibre production marketed as bulk commodities (agri-industrial model);
    - an emerging emphasis on the management of ecosystems services and amenity within the production system (post-productivist model); and
    - agriculture’s broader socioeconomic contributions to regional diversification, value adding and niche marketing (rural development model).

    The framework aims to support the development of new regional visions for Australian agriculture, founded on competitive advantages that can be better maximised at the regional scale.

    125 pages

    Published 7 April 2015

    Authors: Jim Turnour, Allan Dale, Connar McShane, Michelle Thompson, Bruce Prideaux, Margaret Atkinson

    ISBN 978-1-74254-747-3



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