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    Victoria Baskin Coffey

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    Biographical Note

    Victoria Baskin Coffey is a visual anthropologist with an enduring interest in the ways that images make the world. She is currently completing a PhD looking at the digital-visual image practices amongst transgender, gender non-binary & gender variant communities of India.

    Her PhD project forms part of the international research group "Visual, Digital, Material: Experimental Screen & Museum Ethnography", lead by Associate Professor Jennifer Deger and Professor Ton Otto, in a co-tutelle between James Cook University (Australia) and Aarhus University (Denmark). Her project is also affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India.

    Victoria is the visual editor of Feral Atlas: The More-than Human Anthropocene. This project brings together over a hundred scientists, humanists, artists and designers to offer field-based observations from the More-than-Human Anthropocene. Developed in association with AURA (Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene) and James Cook University, Australia, Feral Atlas is lead by visual anthropologist, Associate Professor Jennifer Deger, Architect, Feifei Zhou and anthropologists, Dr. Alder Keleman, and Professor Anna Tsing. Originally conceived as an interactive, open-access website, Victoria is currently curating the project for public exhibition around the world. Feral Atlas will be released by Stanford University Press in 2020.

    Victoria is also the founding co-curator of Otis, an international community of artists and anthropologists exploring the in between of art and anthropology. Otis is co-curated with fellow James Cook University PhD researcher Sebastian J. Lowe:

    Conference Papers

    Coffey, V. B. (2019). “Concrete Walls and Concrete Categories: making trans-images on the street”. Conference paper presented at the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa New Zealand, 28-30th November, hosted by University of Waikato: Whāingaroa Raglan, Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Coffey, V. B. (2018). “Concrete Categories: The Limits and excess of co-creation and collaboration in Transgender Activism”. Conference paper presented in an Experimental Laboratory on creative practice at the Australian Anthropological Society Conference, 4-7 December, James Cook University: Cairns, Australia.

    Coffey, V. B. (2018). “The Aravani Art Project @ Facebook: Investing in and enlisting the Trans-Image”. Presented to the Digital Living Research Commons, 6 June, Aarhus University, Department of Information Studies and Digital Design: Aarhus, Denmark.

    Coffey, V. B. (2016). “The Body-Image in Transgender Activism: Kalki Subramaniam and the Trans-Image.” Paper presented at the conference Conference for the Australian Anthropological Society: Anthropocene Transitions, 12 -15 December, University of Sydney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Sydney, Australia

    Coffey, V. B. (2015). “Visualising Transgender Advocacy in Digital India: Case Study of Kalki Subramaniam and the Sahodari Foundation.” Paper presented at the conference for the ECREA section ’Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction’ (ICSI), 10 -11 November, Aarhus University: Aarhus, Denmark.

    Presentations and Workshops

    Coffey, V. B. (2019). “Making Anthropology for the Anthropocene”, presented in conversation with TBA-21 Director Markus Reymann, Professor Anna Tsing, and moderated by Curator Nicolas Bourriaud, 11 September, 16th Istanbul Biennial: Istanbul, Turkey.

    Coffey, V. B. (2019). “Thinking through making and making as a mode of theorising about life”, presented in ‘The Collaboratorium’, organised by A/Prof. Jennifer Deger for the ‘Visual, Digital, Material Research Group’, 20 March, The Cairns Institute, James Cook University: Cairns, Australia. 

    Coffey, V. B. (2018). “The risks & rewards of co-creation and collaboration - reconstituting methods to find new ways to dance with life in the age of death”. Experimental Laboratory on creative practice co-coordinated with Sebastian J. Lowe, presented at the Australian Anthropological Society Conference, 4-7 December, James Cook University: Cairns, Australia.

    Coffey, V. B. (2016). “Visual Culture, Visual methods – Post Production Workshop”, visual methods in visual culture research with Annette Markham and Sarah Pink, along with Débora Lanzeni, Katrin Tiidenberg and Karen Waltorp. Held at the Moesgaard Museum in collaboration with Aarhus University, 10-12 July, Aarhus University: Aarhus, Denmark.


    Coffey, V. B. (2019).  “Feral Atlas” Exhibition in the Sharjah Architecture Triennial" Co-Curated with Associate Professor Jennifer Deger, held at the Al-Qasimiyah School (, 9 Nov, 2019 – 8 Feb, 2020 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. and

    Deger, J. (2019).  “Feral Atlas” Exhibition in the Istanbul Biennial", exhibiting artist and Co-Curator with Victoria Baskin-Coffey, held at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul Museum of Painting & Sculpture, Pera Museum, & Büyükada island (, 14 Sept– 10 Nov, 2019 Istanbul,Turkey.

    Coffey, V. B. (2018). “Gender Free”, Facebook AiR: Artist in Residency Program with Aravani Art Project, 17 June – 17 July, 2018, Facebook HQ: Menlo Park, California, USA.

    Coffey, V. B. (2014). “Back From the Field”, Public Exhibition visualising ethnographic practice in ‘Project Space. Founding member and exhibiting visual anthropologist, 23 April  – 21 May, 2014, Australian National University, School of Archaeology and Anthropology in collaboration with the School of Art and Design: Canberra, Australia.

    Coffey, V. B. (2012). “Belaku: To Give Passage to Light”, Solo Multimedia Public Exhibition of film screenings and photographic works from my time in Kanakapura Taluk. All profits from artwork sold went to The Belaku Trust. Held at Time and Place Gallery, 9 – 19 March, 2012 Newcastle, Australia.

    Publications - Written

    Coffey, V. B. (2020, forthcoming). “Mapping The Anthropocene”, in Feral Atlas. Stanford University Press.

    Coffey, V. B. (2014). “Review Essay: Manapanmirr, In Christmas Spirit” in The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, V1:15, Taylor Francis

    Publications - Image Works

    Coffey, V. B. (forthcoming, 2020). “Flow Map” in In The Bengal Delta, The Anthropocene began with the Arrival of the Railways by Iftekhar Iqbal featured in Feral Atlas, Stanford University Press.

    Coffey, V. B. (forthcoming, 2020). “Salmon Lice hitch a ride on Transatlantic Salmon” in An Explosion of Parasitic Lice Caused by Industrial Fish Farming Threatens to Decimate Wild Salmon Populations by Heather Swanson featured in Feral Atlas, Stanford University Press.

    Coffey, V. B. (forthcoming, 2020). “Spread of the Boll Weevil across the cotton farms of the South, 1892 - 1921” in He was Looking For Home by Huddie William Ledbetter featured in Feral Atlas, Stanford University Press.

    Coffey, V. B. (forthcoming, 2020). “American Bullfrogs leap from Farms” in American Bullfrogs are Disease-Carrying Invasive Species by Nathan P. Snow and Gary Witmer featured in Feral Atlas, Stanford University Press.

    Coffey, V. B. (forthcoming, 2020). “Radioactive Blueberries in the Ukraine” in Chernobyl is Going Global by Kate Brown featured in Feral Atlas, Stanford University Press.

    Teaching Experience

     2016, 2018 and 2019: Guest Lecturer and tutor, “Art, Image, Symbols: Making Visual, Digital and Material Worlds”, College of Arts, Society and Education, James Cook University: Cairns and Townsville, Australia.

    2018: Lecturer and tutor, “Exhibition as method: Anthropology and the Museum”, culminating in a student exhibition at the Moesgaard Museum, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University: Aarhus, Denmark.

    2012 – 2013: Lecturer, “Digital Communication”, Newcastle International College: Newcastle, Australia.

    2009-2011: Tutor in “Creativity and Cultural Production”, “Visual Digital Communication”, and “Introduction to Documentary”. Co-course coordinator for, and Tutor in, “Foundations of Media Production” and “Introduction to Digital Communication”, University of Newcastle. Newcastle, Australia.


    Visual, Digital, Material Research Group

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